Backflow Assembly Testing

Over the years, we have grown from a small one man operation to a strong, local small business with a knowledgeable staff that is passionate about protecting our drinking water. We are proud to serve the Denver Metro Area and beyond.  No backflow assembly is too big or too small.

Our rates do not change based on the size of the assembly.

Certifications & Continuing Education

As a registered company with the Colorado Division of Fire Safety we are able to complete the testing of backflow assemblies located on fire systems.

Our field technicians hold the American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA) tester certification. Most of our technicians also have the American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE) certification.

Both our field technicians and office staff are consistently attending conferences and training sessions as well as reading industry specific material in order to stay current with the evolutions occurring within the backflow industry and other closely related industries.

Industry Relationships

Our relationships with the various water districts have grown and strengthened over the years. We strive to keep in close contact with the water districts to keep ourselves aware of changes made to their cross connection programs so we may better serve our clients.

To further serve your needs, we are participants in Compliance Depot and Registry Monitoring Insurance Services, Inc. Our relationship with these companies exists because of our excessive general liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance.


We take pride in our membership to the Apartment Association of Metro Denver and the Aurora Chamber of Commerce. Attending events sponsored by these groups give us the opportunity to put faces to voices on the phone as well as reaching out to our clients to discover how we may be able to better serve them. Our customer’s satisfaction is the most important aspect of our business.

Customer Service

We strive to provide courteous, efficient, thorough and ethical service from your first contact with us until the job is done. We look forward to hearing from our loyal customers each year and creating lasting relationships with those who have just found us.

Commonly Asked Questions

About Your Letter From The Water District

We oftentimes request that our clients send us a copy of the letter received from the water district. By having their letters, our technicians can verify all of the information in the water district data base matches what is seen onsite by our technicians to ensure cohesive record management.

After the test is completed, your test reports are sent to the water district on your behalf and submitted to you for your records. Reminder letters will be sent out the following year requesting your permission to perform the annual testing. We will never arrive onsite without your knowledge.

How to prepare your property & tenants for the testing day

A frequently asked question by our clients is: How will the testing affect me or my tenants and what do you need when you get here?

Access to the assembly is the first question we need to address.

Mechanical room doors, irrigation cages, and so forth need to be unlocked so we may service the assembly and the assembly must have water. If the backflow assembly is located on the main water supply, water to the building will be turned off briefly.

We are keenly aware of the impact this has to businesses like dentist/medical offices, restaurants or other water-dependent businesses and to residents who may be at home. We will work with you to schedule a time that poses the least amount of inconvenience.

Testing for backflow assemblies on fire systems requires access to the keys for any locks and control panel access, system passwords and account numbers, and the name and number to the monitoring company.

If possible, we would prefer that someone onsite communicate with the monitoring company. When we schedule with you or your onsite personnel, we can discuss the other assemblies on the property and what the needs of each require.


Scheduling An appointment?

Are you a contractor that has just installed a backflow assembly and need it tested for the certificate of occupancy?

We understand your timelines and will strive to have a technician onsite as quickly as possible.