Annual Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing

Annual Assembly Testing 7 MaintenanceState Regulations mandate that City Utilities and Water Districts throughout Colorado must protect their water distribution systems from possible contamination by identifying water users that pose a potential risk to drinking water quality.

The Water Supplier will require the proper backflow prevention assembly to be installed and maintained by the owner.

Annual inspections of these backflow assemblies are required to ensure the assembly is working properly and the water system is adequately protected.

Please email or text a copy of the water district letter.

  • Fully insured with REAL General Liability and Workman’s Compensation Insurance.
  • Registered as a Fire Protection Company with the Colorado Department of Public Safety.  (Required for any fire sprinkler system backflow assembly in CO)
  • BEST TRAINED TECHNICIANS in the industry. We train the testers!
  • Quality Testing and competitive pricing.
  • Get your water back on with minimal inconvenience. Tests performed as quickly as possible.
  • Our technicians carry the most common repair kits and parts – most repairs can be done same day with your approval.
  • We submit all the paperwork to the water districts…no hassles.

Service Notes

Standard pricing for testing per assembly within the Denver Metro Area during normal business hours (Monday thru Friday, 7:00 am – 4:00 pm).

Water jurisdiction test report submission fees, are added to the standard testing price.

Due to the high gas prices, a gas fee will be added to each invoice.

Commonly Asked Questions

We require that our clients send us a copy of the letter received from the water district.

With your letter, our technicians can verify all of the information in the water district database matches what is seen onsite by our technicians to ensure cohesive record management.

After the test is completed, your test reports are sent to the water district on your behalf and submitted to you for your records.

Reminder letters will be sent out the following year requesting your permission to perform the annual testing. We will never arrive onsite without your knowledge.

How will the testing affect me or my tenants and what do you need when you get here?

Access to the assembly is the first question.

Mechanical room doors, irrigation cages, and so forth need to be unlocked so we may service the assembly and the assembly must have water. If the backflow assembly is located on the main water supply, water to the building will be turned off briefly.

We are keenly aware of the impact this has to businesses like dentist/medical offices, restaurants or other water-dependent businesses and to residents who may be at home. We work with you to schedule a time that poses the least amount of inconvenience.

Testing for backflow assemblies on fire systems requires access to the keys for any locks and control panel access, system passwords and account numbers, and the name and number to the monitoring company.

We prefer someone onsite communicate with the monitoring company. When we schedule with you or your onsite personnel, we can discuss the other assemblies on the property and what the needs of each require.

Add any additional information about the service location(s) in the test order notes.