How a water softener poisoned a family

Private home water service connected to sewer line!

Whenever I get a customer who complains that backflow prevention isn’t needed, I like to pull out stories like this one.

Some of us on the inside of the backflow industry (those of us who don’t have a life and think this kind of stuff is cool) knew much of the details of the incident as they were unfolding a couple of years ago. We were just not able to talk about it.

Now that the trial is over, here’s what we know…kinda.

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After many fits and starts, a lot of hard work and much frustration, we are finally ready to debut our new website to the backflow industry and our customers. We hope that you find it to be pleasing to the eye, easy to navigate and filled with information to help you with your backflow needs.

Backflow Home Test KitThis section will be a blog dedicated to cross connection control and the backflow prevention industry. (Although I can’t guarantee that, from time to time, I will not stray into current events or the Colorado sports scene.)

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