AMERIMID Consulting Services, Inc. is the training division of Backflow Consulting Testing & Repair, Inc. Our facility in Aurora, Colorado has a classroom designed for 20 plus students and a wet lab area equipped with more than a dozen “simulator” backflow assembly test stands.

Our school has a reputation for low student to teacher ratio for a more personal one on one experience. With a dozen test stands there is less sharing and more time to practice the test procedures.

Samples of broken or freeze damaged parts and hydraulic examples surround the classroom. To take the mystery out of the devices, students are encouraged to examine and disassemble the examples that are on display to see what makes them tick. These and other factors add up to a greater understanding and probability of success come exam time.

The head instructor, Fred Spengler, has been teaching backflow classes since 1990. He has a down to earth, lighthearted approach to teaching that puts the student at ease while “building a pyramid of information” needed for the examination. Our other instructor, Jesse Bockhouse has nearly 10 years experience in the backflow industry. His knowledge of the industry and passion for water quality through cross connection control instills a sense of importance for backflow prevention to the students.

Our school is totally portable and can be presented anywhere in the country with the same quality as our home facility. We have taken our school mobile to places like Virginia and Pennsylvania, California and Montana. Is your State next?

There are many schools across the country that offer backflow tester classes. On the surface they all seem to be about the same. Each promises to provide all the information needed to pass a certification exam. The potential student then goes about looking for a nearby location, convenient date and low cost accommodations.

These are all good questions to ask, but in the end wouldn’t you really want to know that:

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  • AMERIMID is a real “brick and mortar” school that can come to you if you desire.
  • Our instructors not only have years of field experience, they are trained teachers that know how to present the information in a coherent manner.
  • Our PowerPoint presentations have taken us hundreds of hours to develop and are designed to lead the student through the learning process.
  • Students receive a copy of the USC FCCC&HR Cross Connection Control Manual 10th edition and AMERIMID’S Training Manual.
  • Students attending AMERIMID have a higher passing rate than many other schools.
  • Students are treated with respect. We don’t tell the student to memorize test procedures; we teach them to understand the hydraulics.
  • Fred & Jesse are passionate about water quality through backflow prevention. That passion is reflected in their teaching style emphasizing the importance of the backflow prevention assembly testers and their role in water quality.