About Us

Our Mission Statement

Backflow Consulting Testing and Repair, Inc. is a leader in providing value-added services to help protect drinking water through proper backflow protection and compliance with local water quality regulations. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships and partnerships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of our team.

Our Company

Backflow Consulting Testing and Repair, Inc. (BCTR), has been involved in the backflow prevention assembly testing and repair industry for many years.  From its inception we felt that to be successful we must have three goals.

First, we believe that as a service company we have a responsibility to our customers to be competent, truthful and honest.  (We know that it is easy to convince an unknowing customer that unnecessary repairs are required or that costly replacement is needed.)  Over the years we have built a reputation as an ethical company that can be trusted.  This honesty has lead to our loyal customer base and increased business through referrals.

As we have grown over the years and added products and services to meet the needs of our customers, we strive to maintain that high ethical standard.

Our technicians are the best trained in the industry and hold certifications from the American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA) and American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE).

Through our association with partner companies, we now provide services such as general plumbing and fire sprinkler inspections, installation and repair.  We demand the same ethical standards from each of our partner companies.

Second, we assist others in the industry by providing services such as Certification training, repair classes and seminars.

Third, we give back to the community and industry that has provided a livelihood for all of our employees.  BCTR has been an active supporter of education and information to the industry and the general public.  We have attempted to broaden the knowledge of all concerned and touched by the backflow prevention industry.

Our customer’s satisfaction is the most important aspect of our business.  We strive to provide courteous, efficient, thorough and ethical service from your first contact with us until the job is done.  We look forward to hearing from our loyal customers each year and creating lasting relationships with those who have just found us.

Our People

The Backflow Leadership Team

Fred Spengler (President) was certified as a Colorado Cross Connection Control Technician in October of 1989.

Since 1990 he has been an instructor for backflow prevention and cross connection control workshops. He has taught training classes at Red Rocks Community College in Denver, Colorado; Pickens Tech. in Aurora, Colorado; Caper College in Casper, Wyoming and other venues in California, Montana, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Amerimid Consulting Services, Inc. currently maintains a training venue in Aurora, Colorado where Fred prepares students for the American Backflow Prevention Association Tester Certification Examination. He is also an American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE) Certified Instructor.

He is immediate past President and an active member of the Colorado Backflow Prevention Association since 1990. Fred was 2003-2004 Chairman of the Backflow Prevention Education Council of Colorado. (an advisory committee to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment) Fred holds Certifications for Tester and Specialist from the American Backflow Prevention Association, and Certification for Tester, Repairer and Surveyor from the American Society of Sanitary Engineering. He is also an exam proctor for both organizations.

Cory Spengler (Vice President) has been involved with the backflow industry for since 1995.

She has been certified as a Colorado Cross Connection Control Technician. Friendly, personable and industry savvy, Cory is the office manager that makes sure the job gets done and the customer is happy. She is an involved member of the Colorado Backflow Prevention Association, active within the community and the Church.

Tami Bockhouse (Office Manager) has been with Backflow Consulting since 2006 and has been an ABPA Certified Tester since 2009. Because of her knowledge of the administrative duties and her technical experience she can work as a liaison between the office, the technicians, water districts and our customers.


Jesse Bockhouse (Head Technician) has been an ABPA Certified Tester since 2006.

He also carries the ABPA Specialist Certification. Jesse is personable and thorough. His understanding of water hydraulics gives him the ability to quickly diagnose problems and determine solutions. When not testing backflow assemblies, Jesse is assisting Fred with the backflow classes.

Nick Roman (Technician) has been an ABPA Certified Tester since 2009.

Nick is enthusiastic and dedicated. Nick brings with him knowledge from the construction industry and drinking water quality.

Michelle Pruente (Coordinator) will probably be the first voice you hear when you call for service, general information or products.

Whether you need to schedule a test, need info on classes or products, Michelle will be able to help get you started.