Major changes to the Colorado Drinking Water Regulations

Article 11, Section 39 Effective this year

Is your Water District ready for the changes?


We can help


Backflow Assembly Tester Class – Initial Certification

Need to test assemblies?

Need to understand what contract testers are telling you on their test reports?

Need to be able to oversee and enforce your program?

Backflow Assembly Tester Class – Refresher

Already Certified?  Prepare for Re-Certification Exam.

Specialist/Survey class

This workshop will provide the student with the information necessary to conduct a though water hazard survey necessary to comply with the revised regulations.  Students will conduct several field surveys at various types of facilities.  Students will learn blueprint reading and interpretation.  Various types of backflow prevention, their application and limitations will be discussed.  Water hydraulics and the causes of backflow will be reviewed.  The workshop will discuss test procedures and proper test report results.  Students will learn Federal, State and Local Rules, Regulations & policies and the public relations needed for a successful Cross Connection Control Program.

Testing Backflow Assemblies on Fire Sprinkler Systems Workshop

Learn the extra things needed to know if testing a backflow assembly on a fire sprinkler system.  Comply with Regulations, avoid damage costs & liability


Other Ways We Can Help

Perform the Water Hazard survey per the new regulations

We understand the complexities of the new state regulations

We conduct low cost, accurate Water Hazard Surveys from tap to all points of use.

Develop Cross Connection Control Ordinance and programs

We can help with development and updating

 Monitor/oversee Cross Connection Control Programs

Consider privatizing your Cross Connection Control Program less cost than “in-house”

Contract Testing Services

Contract BCTR as your backflow assembly Testing Company

Insures quality control

Reduces cost to the customer


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