FRED SPENGLER for ABPA Region 5 Director

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for ABPA Region 5 Director

Friends! Hear Me!

It is election time again for ABPA Region 5 Director. The Regional Directors’ job is an important one. It provides the way for members (through their Chapter) to bring ideas, suggestions and comments to the National Board of Directors, while providing a method for National to present new policies and programs directly to the Chapters. Regional Directors have a responsibility to be in constant contact with the Chapters they represent to facilitate this flow of information. But the Director’s position is much more than just a messenger.

His position allows him to speak to State and local Government officials with the full backing of ABPA. This bully pulpit allows him to publicize the educational and technical assistance that ABPA can provide, as well as promote the ABPA Tester and Specialist Certifications. The Director can create a presence in areas that have no Chapter, encourage educational opportunities, develop groups of local proctors and growth of local Chapters. The Director’s close interaction with the Chapters draws the membership into the organization and let them know that they are a vital part of ABPA.

So, Now What?

I want to be your next ABPA Regional Director. I promise that I will try, to the best of my ability, to live up to the expectations that I have listed above and treat the position with humble respect. I intend to be easily available to all members. To that end, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to send me an email at:

When your ballot arrives VOTE. It only takes a second. With your help, the result will be a strong voice for all of Region 5.

Thank you for considering me for Region 5 Director.

Fred Spengler