Successful Specialist/Surveyor Workshop

We just finished a 3 day specialist/surveyor workshop!  Thank you to all who attended.  There was constructive conversation between the students and instructors and a lot of information exchanged.  If you were in class, drop us a line and tell

Check out this Backflow News Report

Watch the video below to see an example of why proper backflow assembly testing by trained backflow assembly testers is so important: https://

FRED SPENGLER for ABPA Region 5 Director

It is election time again for ABPA Region 5 Director. The Regional Directors’ job is an important one. It provides the way for members (through their Chapter) to bring ideas, suggestions and comments to the National Board of Directors, while providing a method for National to present new policies and programs directly to the Chapters. Regional Directors have a responsibility to be in constant contact with the Chapters they represent to facilitate this flow of information. But the Director’s position is much more than just a messenger. … Read More

Fire Sprinkler System Backflow Assembly Tester Training

We are excited to announce that we are offering another Fire Sprinkler System Backflow Assembly Tester Training Course.  Check out our Upcoming Events and look for the fire class for more information and to register.  If you would rather speak

Backflow News, Updates, Events and Commentary

After many fits and starts, a lot of hard work and much frustration, we are finally ready to debut our new website to the backflow industry and our customers. We hope that you find it to be pleasing to the eye, easy to navigate and filled with information to help you with your backflow needs.

Backflow Home Test KitThis section will be a blog dedicated to cross connection control and the backflow prevention industry. (Although I can’t guarantee that, from time to time, I will not stray into current events or the Colorado sports scene.)… Read More